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Working out isn’t always fun, especially when working out alone. Going to the gym using the same machines can get old and boring. Your muscles get used to the same motion over and over, therefore your workouts become less effective and more frustrating. Switch things up by attending group fitness classes in Wappingers Falls, NY at Tammy’s Backyard Boot Camp.

We have designed a great fitness program in Wappingers Falls, NY that will be sure to leave you sweating! Grab a friend or two and attend our 45 minutes workouts that are boot camp inspired high energy. There is no need to attend a spin or zumba class when our workouts are shorter and more effective. We like to mix up our classes and workouts, so you never attend the same class twice! From building muscle to burning fat, we offer a smart way to get fit that will make you want to work out again. 

Our group classes areby appointment only and very similar to your typical boot camp workout in Wappingers Falls, NY. Our workouts are designed to help strengthen your body while burning fat at the same time. When attending a class, you will find yourself doing lunges, pushups, sprints and more. Many of our programs include body weight exercises and strength training. This ensures that you get a high intensity workout in just a short 45 minutes. 

No matter what your fitness goal is, Tammy’s Backyard Boot Camp will help you accomplish that goal. Because we offer so many different services, we encourage everyone to attend a class. From core and conditioning exercises to strength training and running - we have it all. 

Next time you want to workout and see results, visit Tammy’s Backyard Boot Camp and bring some friends a long. Your summer body is only a few classes away!

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